Ethics & Values

Our history speaks for itself and we pride ourselves on having strong in-house systems and resources for all of the major Engineering & Welding disciplines

We are committed to carrying out our business ethically and in line with good business practices. This is important both to ensure we avoid unnecessary risks and to protect the reputation of the Company. Each and every employee is an ambassador for Laker Vent Engineering Ltd and the way they behave can affect the reputation of Laker Vent Engineering Ltd both positively and negatively.

A key part of good business practices is the establishment and implementation of effective principles and practices to ensure we conduct business fairly, honestly and transparently.

Laker Vent Engineering has a Code of Ethics ( a copy is attached) which sets out clear ethical principles that we expect our employees to demonstrate in dealing with colleagues and those external to the Company such as Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders and other stakeholders.

Rules to guard against bribery are a key part of achieving our principles. In this document we outline the principles and procedures which we have agreed on and which have been approved by the Board of Directors relating to anti-bribery, which we expect you to follow.

Policy Statement
Without exception, Laker Vent Engineering Ltd strictly prohibits bribery and corruption in any form.

The Company commits itself to:

  • Conducting our business fairly, honestly and transparently
  • Not making or offering bribes whether directly or indirectly to gain business advantages;
  • Not accepting bribes, whether directly or indirectly to give business advantages; and
  • Developing a programme to implement and support these principles.

These are the business values by which we expect our employees to do business on our behalf.

Our Accreditations