Chemical Manufacturing Facility


Victrex is the leading global manufacturer of high performance polyaryletherketones, including the versatile PEEKTM polymer. Victrex required a major expansion of their existing chemical manufacturing facility. WSP CE were appointed to complete the design, procurement and construction of the RU2012 project.

Our Approach / Services

The scope of the project included new process equipment and infrastructure upgrades including structures, utilities, mechanical, electrical distribution, control / safety system and fire protection system.

The overall project budget was set at £13.3m and it was classified as fast track with a 30% improvement on typical timescales.

The RU2012 project achieved all of its original aims and objectives despite many challenges. A major contributing factor to the project’s success was the decision to embrace the ECI ACTIVE principles from initial project conception through to practical completion.

Safety was always considered to be the highest priority and was never compromised by the fast-track demand elements. This was particularly important due to the hazards associated with a fully operational chemical plant.

A robust programme and cost plan were created during the early stages of the project and effectively monitored / managed resulting in improvements to both budget and schedule; a significant achievement given the fast-track nature of the project. The multi-discipline team were totally committed to the success of the project. The client’s global project manager stated that he had “engaged with a team of leaders”.

Project Challenges

A key challenge for the team was to establish a methodology for the project which didn’t disrupt current and ongoing product manufacture. The team utilised production shut-downs effectively and included a build sequence with minimal disruption to site operations. Further to this were the space constraints on the site and hazardous nature of the chemical manufacturing process. The requirement to make this project fast-track and reduce the timescale by 30% created additional challenges for the project team, but also created opportunities for innovative ideas and approaches which not only gave time benefits to the project but also delivered the project under budget for the client.