We are committed to minimising the environmental impacts associated with our construction activities, particularly in the areas of climate protection, anti-littering, eco- design, water, waste and biodiversity.

We recognise that sustainability is a shared responsibility, and we work collaboratively with our customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders to fulfil our commitments.

In our efforts to continually improve our environmental performance, we ensure that we meet the requirements of ISO14001:2015 which provides a framework for environmental management best practice.

The company also accepts our responsibility for maintaining the environment and for other people who may be affected by our activities. Laker-Vent Engineering is committed to;

  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements to which the company subscribes which relate to our environmental aspects
  • Setting objectives and targets for environmental improvement and regularly reviewing these
  • Providing employee training on environmental matters to help control the activities for which they are responsible, achieved through regular communication
  • Ensuring appropriate environmental standards from sub-contractors

This environmental policy is endorsed by the board at Laker-vent and will be reviewed annually to ensure it is achieving its objectives. Further, this policy will be made freely available to all interested parties.

Download a full copy of our Environmental Policy here >>