High Integrity Piping Systems for the Aerospace industry

Our nationwide pipework installation contractors have extensive experience in the aerospace industry and have vast experience on a range of high profile aerospace projects such as A380 Airbus Fuel Test Facility in Bristol.

We are engaged with a number of companies in the aerospace industry developing and qualifying bespoke and complex pipework systems including high pressure steam systems.

A poorly installed piping system such as a compressed air system or steam system can increase energy costs, reduce production efficiencies, and increase maintenance requirements.

Laker-vent can be contracted to provide the role of principal contractor for projects , and piping systems that meet the requirement of the Pressure equipment Directive PED such as :

  • Compressed Air piping systems
  • Gas piping systems
  • Cooling Water piping systems
  • High Pressure Steam systems
  • Condensate piping system
  • Cryogenic piping systems
  • Associated steelwork and supports
  • Modular piping erection was provided via pre-assembled pipe racks.
  • Process skid units
  • Coded welding

As an addition to our Piping & Mechanical project work, the role of Principal Contractor can include the management of subcontractors such as Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, scaffolders, insulation and commissioning engineers to ensure that our customers receive a highly personalised and comprehensive service.

Contact us to see how we can help provide compressed air systems for your aerospace business:

Featured Case Study


Successful completion and opening of the A380 Fuel test Facility

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