Modular Construction

Modular Pipe Rack Fabrication 

Prefabricated modular pipe racks enable fast, efficient construction of multiple types of pipe racks for a variety of applications. A modular approach to pipe rack fabrication reduces your construction footprint, speeds up the installation process and minimises disruption.

Laker-vent has the expertise in all areas of modular pipe rack fabrication, providing a turnkey solution – from design and fabrication to installation. Our pipe racks are highly bespoke to each clients’ specification, and precision manufactured using the latest technology and compliance.

Our modular construction service teams work closely with clients’ design teams to provide constructability expertise for:

  • Prefabricated Pipe Racks or Pre-Assembled Units (PAUs)
  • Pre-Assembled Pipe racks (PARs)

Working this way, we can assist clients to reduce project timescales and the risk of construction issues. Other benefits include offsite fabrication in a controlled working environment, reduced expensive on-site hours and reduced risk of on-site incidents.

Projects can be built off site and delivered to your site therefore reducing on site build time.

To enquire about our modular pipe rack prefabrication services, contact our expert team today: