Our ability to plan and meet customer’s deadlines is key to our success, using dedicated programmes developed specifically with each project customer and then using our bespoke tracking system not only can we plan by system, service and area we can monitor by production isometric, pipe spool and welder.

All projects can be remotely monitored using our Tracking Database, accessible to clients’ via our remote web based database.

In addition, we provide full traceability, including:

  • Pipe-work Material Certifications
  • Pipe-work cast numbers
  • In-line fitting Material Certifications
  • In-line fitting cast numbers
  • Weld rod cast numbers for each weld
  • Welder and date for each weld

At the close of each project, this information is compiled into a ‘test-pack’ and presented to client as a single document, providing a full history and traceability of their new installation. This includes all test system certificates and handover documentation, which naturally complies fully with PED Regulations, ISO 9001, ASME B31-3, ASME B31-1, BSEN 13480 or any other standard required.

“Planning and communication is key to the success of any project, so our ability to consistently develop agreed plans and then meet the deadlines set is a testament to the commitment of our project teams”