Pre-assembled Pipe Racks

Prefabricated Pipework

Prefabricated Pipework can save disruption, time and costs on site during installation, and is often a viable option for retrofitting as part of a major building refurbishment project.

Modules can be manufactured to a uniform quality and tailored to each client’s specification.  The prefabricated pipework is constructed in a controlled manufacturing environment, where construction is not affected by variances of on-site climate conditions.

We undertake thorough pipework testing including Radiography, PMI, MPI, Ultrasonic tests and Hydro tests in our weather-resistant factory, and further testing is carried out upon installation.

Our specialist modular construction team carry out the work under a defined set of quality management criteria to ensure the accuracy of fabrication, so that all prefabricated pipework can be fitted to the exact requirements on site and maintained efficiently thereafter.

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