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CHP Piping Installation at Spanish owned Paper Mill in Manchester

One of the world’s most advanced recycled paper mills is to be built in the UK by Spanish paper and packaging group SAICA at Partington Wharfside, near Manchester.

Production – 400,000 tonne/year of 100% recycled paper (containerboard).

The Balance of Plant for the CHP plant which includes a gas turbine, one heat recovery steam generator and one backpressure Steam Turbine. The production capacity is 40MW.

The intention is for the Energy Recovery Boiler to use the rejects and sludge’s produced in the paper mill as fuel. A water intake will be fresh water via the Water Treatment Plant.

Our scope of work was for the supply, Fabrication, Installation of Pipe-work, insulation, scaffold and installation of associated equipment including Steelwork and Conveyors.

We installed some 6200m of pipework of an average of 150nb, using approximately 28k hours our peak labour was 60 tradesmen.

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