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The largest Biomass CHP plant in the UK

Electricity and steam from biomass

In the Scottish county of Fife, RWE operates Markinch CHP biomass plant. The combined heat and power plant has an installed capacity of 55 MW. It is the biggest plant of its type in the UK. The plant had been generating power to Tullis Russell Papermakers and the local network since February 2014. However, following the paper plants closure, the station has operated in ‘power only mode’ at full capacity.

Laker-Vent provided detail design, piping and mechanical installation services to JE the designer and Principal Contractor across the project, this involved over 8km of pipework, including water treatment, high pressure steam and condensate and other utility systems, our manning levels peaked at 80 tradesmen and supervision for over 10 months.

Biomass from sustainable forests

The new biomass plant is fuelled by 450,000 tonnes per annum of biomass fuel. Approximately 90% is recovered wood waste and the remainder is virgin wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 250,000 tons per year.

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